Best Cannabis Nutrients to Buy in Canada (2021)

You want to start growing your own marijuana and you are looking for the best nutrients to maximize your yield ?

You are at the right place !

Today I’ll present you my selection of the best cannabis nutrients. I’ve ranked these nutrients based on their NPK ratio and nutrients quality.

The Best Cannabis Nutrients to Buy in 2021 – Overview 

Best nutrients to buy in 2021 – By kits

You can buy nutrients for the different growth phase of your plants individually but I recommend you to get all you need at once and from the same brand.

The kits below are perfect for beginners and will help you during all the growing process

Best nutrients to buy in 2021 – Based on culture medium

Depending in the medium of culture that you are using you might need to use different NPK ratio. So here are my top picks.

Best nutrients supplements to buy in 2021

Here my list for the best supplements to use with your nutrients. You could need these nutrients either to have a better control on the PH for your medium of culture or it is poor in nutrients. (This is more for the experienced growers)



Average Rating


Calcium & Magnesium

PH Control

Calcium & Magnesium

How to choose cannabis nutrients ?

To successfully grow cannabis grower, you need to give your plants the right amount of nutrients at the right time.

There are two main life stages for cannabis plants, the vegetative stage and the flowering stage). The table below summaries the nutrient requirements each stage needs.

NPK stands for Nitrogen (N)Phosphorus (P) and Potassium (K).

I highly advise you to follow the feeding instruction and schedule provided by the manufacturer on the bottles to grow your cannabis plants with great success.